Premier Property Lawyers Board

Premier Property Lawyers is regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Below are the details of the Premier Property Lawyers Directors


Sunita Chauhan

Having worked in multi-disciplined practices and firmly embedded herself in Property Law and Practice, Sunita, a Solicitor, Licensed Conveyancer and Head of Legal Practice, is well versed in areas of Regulation Quality and Compliance.

Sunita has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in residential and commercial Conveyancing.


Kevin Smith

With more than 35 years’ experience, Kevin has a deep understanding of the Conveyancing industry, having held senior leadership positions in leading UK Conveyancing Firms.

He believes that a combination of great people, technology and a strong service culture can improve the home moving process. 


Ed Percival

Ed is a senior member of the Operational Leadership team and specialises in compliance and quality, ensuring that we fully comply with the requirements of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

Ed is a qualified conveyancer and was integral to the development and implementation of eWay, the unique online case management service.

Sally Howitt

Sally is a Licensed Conveyancer and has specialised in residential conveyancing for 27 years, she joined the company in 2002.

Mark Montgomery

Mark has over 20 years of Marketing, Sales & Service Development experience gained within B2B and B2C markets across a diverse range of sectors. Previous roles included service planning and development for a range of large private and public sector organisations.

Mark is responsible for the development and delivery of Customer Strategy, Marketing and Strategic Change Projects.